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FeliOtic is the only daily liquid probiotic developed from the cat, for the cat!

The live Lactoabacillus reuteri in FeliOtic aids in the development of immunity, prevention of disease, development of the brain, regulation of blood glucose, regulation of the inflammatory responses to cancer and the aging process.

Many people think of probiotics to regulate the digestive system and help with stomach upset.  While probiotics are good during times of stomach upset they are best used daily to support the overall health of your cat.



Gastrointestinal bacteria ( microflora )are critical to the development and health of all mammals and birds. Lactoabacillus reuteri ( L. reutreri) is the major health component of this microflora. L. reuteri lives on the surface of the GI in all mammals. These bacteria are acidophilic ( acid loving) and important microflora in maintaining the healthy stomach


For a probiotic to be effective it must contain large numbers of LIVE, species specific bacteria. Species specificity means that the organism used in a cat must have originated from the cat. FeliOtic daily probiotic drops meets all these criteria.

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Feed 3-5 drops daily top dressed on food.  For cats weighing less than 10 lbs we recommend 3 drops and cats over 10 pounds 5 drops. Shake well before each feeding and store in a cool dry place  
Organic cold pressed soybean oil, dried Lactobacillus reuteri fermentation product, silicon dioxide

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