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Rice bran oil is easily digested and is an excellent source of fat soluble vitamins, including Vitamin E. The combination of rice bran oil and gamma oryzanol allows the horse to conserve the stored glycogen in their muscles and use the oil as a source of energy. The calories provided by the rice bran oil give the horse additional energy, stamina and endurance which allow the horse to train for a longer period of time. Equi-BuildER’s tasty apple flavor may aid “picky eaters”.


A fat energy supplement containing the power of Gamma Oryzanol, shown in studies to naturally aid muscle and fat growth!

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Dimensions 7 x 4 x 12 in

Quart, Gallon

All Horses: Dispense 1/2 oz. (15 ml) orally once daily
  • For the gallon, one pump = one dose
  • For the quart, measure 15 ml for one dose
Corn oil, rice bran oil, Gamma Oryzanol, citric acid, methylcellulose, artificial apple flavor, silicon dioxide

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